Anonymous job searching, career matching,
and professional networking

Reintegrating anonymity into professional networking to
find you the best opportunities

What features are you Privy to?

Our platform focuses on startups (at every stage) and SMB’s.
We also want to refocuses the transparency where you want it,
with the anonymity where you need it

Mission-Driven Matching

Discover and connect with new companies based off of their mission, not just their names. Experience Privy’s accelerated hiring process with Privy Picks.

Connect With Companies

Privy is a platform to connect with hiring businesses directly –┬ánot third party vendors/agencies. Connect with piece of mind knowing that you are talking to someone within the org.

Transparency and Anonymity

Job seekers and candidate seekers remain anonymous during the initial screening phase and are updated as companies go through the hiring process – reducing pre-screening biases.

Custom Connections

Create your own networks of personal and professional connections with our Social platform and modify your feed however you want to.


Sort And Connect With Candidates That Have The Background You are Looking For As Soon As You Post An Opening.

Privy Instant picks are a handful of candidates open to new opportunities. Our ATS builds a responsive pipeline that shows you the number of candidates pre-qualified for you to invite to apply. 

Candidates who receive your invitation see your company’s mission first. When they accept the invitation, all of the candidate’s information and the company’s information is visible.


Search For Candidates/New Opportunities Based On Your Requirements

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